CN Tower Edge Walk: Living Life On The Edge 

CN Tower Edge Walk: Living Life On The Edge 

The CN Tower is one of, if not the most known landmark in Canada. It is the tallest building in Toronto at a height of 1,815 feet. It was the tallest tower in the world until 2009, and is now the world’s third largest tower and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The tower is used as a communication tower as well as an observation tower and restaurant. 

The Edge Walk Experience

The Edge Walk is Toronto’s most extreme and adrenaline pumping attraction. It is an adventure lovers dream to walk outside on the roof of the CN Tower’s restaurant while being attached to a harness system that will guide you around the circular building. The Edge Walk holds the Guinness World Record for the highest external walk at 1,168 feet. The total experience lasts about 1.5 hours with the actual walk time around 30 minutes. On the day of your walk, you will first check in at the CN Tower at your designated walk time and sign wavers. Next you will be led into a room enclosed by glass walls. Inside you will be briefed with rules and be breathalyzed to be sure there is no alcohol in your system.

You then will have some other safety checks preformed and given a red jumpsuit along with a pair of sneakers if you don’t have on closed toe non slip shoes. 

After getting dressed you will then receive your harnesses and be ready to take the elevator up.

Once at the top of the tower your harness will be attached to a cable that will secure you to the building. You then will be ready to go out onto the roof. As you walk out and see the view your instructor will get you ready to perform your first stunt. The first stunt is called “Toes Over Toronto.” You walk to the edge of the roof and hang your toes over the side of the building. Even though this is a simple stunt it was one of the scarier ones for me to perform because the cord is not tight during this causing your balance to be thrown off a bit.

Next you will walk a quarter way around the building and do another stunt this time you are going to hang off the edge backwards. This wasn’t as scary but still thrilling; you squatted down and slowly back peddled until you got your feet in position and could fully extend. The next stunt you will perform will have you leaning forward. You’re place your toes about two lines away from the edge and use the cord for support as you lean forward and consume the breathtaking views. 

The last stunt to be preformed is the “Edge Walk” and it is exactly what it sounds like walking on the edge of the tower.

To wrap up the walk we did group photos and went back inside to get undressed and receive our certificate and photos / video that came with the package. To find out more about the Edge Walk visit their website.

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